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Our Cast of Characters

Exactly who are you people, you ask?  Well, keep reading to meet our crew.

I am Michelle, the main blogger.  I am an elementary teacher, summer-time SAHM, hopefully part-time employee beginning in the fall.  I am Momma or Mommy or Mom to the kids…the ones who talk, anyway.  My partner is Dawn.  She is a just-finished-another-graduate-degree software developer with dreams of working for NASA.  She is Anya (Hungarian for mother) to the kids.  Next up is Olivia, the seven-year old reading wonder.  She carries a book with her everywhere she goes and has needed plenty of reminders that reading while walking  isn’t the safest combination!  Owen is our 4-year old jokester.  He has also discovered that he loves playing sports.  So far, he’s tried taekwondo, basketball, and soccer.  He is disappointed that he was six months shy of the age requirement to join Olivia’s t-ball team.  And last but not least is  Amelia.  Being 8 months old, she just gets to tag along to the big kid’s activities.  She is just beginning to crawl and her one track mind is already evident.  She also happens to be obsessed with cheerios.


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