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On breastfeeding and lousy bosses

If you are at all passionate about breastfeeding and/or easily irritated by total jerks…start your deep, calming breaths now!

Key background information:  I am an elementary teacher.  In my district, teachers typically give up part of their already short lunchtime to supervise students.  I have not been doing a duty since I came back from maternity leave last February b/c I need that time to pump.  I can pump no other time during the day b/c my principal has refused to allow me time out of my classroom during the long morning.  And now, this morning, the following transpired:

My classroom phone rings while I am teaching a reading lesson, so I let it ring.  It rings again a few minutes later…again, ignored.  If it’s important, they will leave a message.  Immediately after the second set of rings, I am paged over the to call the office immediately.  Ok.  I interupt my teaching to call the office and I am transfered to my principal, Mr. H. 

Mr.H:  Why didn’t you answer your phone? 

Me:  I was in the middle of a reading lesson.

Mr. H:  When your phone rings, you are to answer it.  That is your job.  (Really??…’cause I thought my job was to TEACH!)  I need to  put you back on the lunch duty schedule. 

Me:  I am still pumping during lunch, so I am not available. 

Mr. H:  Isn’t your son (that would be DAUGHTER) almost a year old?  I asked my daughter and she said that if someone even bothers to nurse, a year would be the absolute longest anyway. (Oh, really?  Hmmm…)

Me  (probably with steam escaping through my ears):  That’s not the decision I have made.   I plan to pump until she is 18 months old, just as I did with my son (and nurse her until she decides to wean).

Mr. H:  I will have to look into whether you are allowed to do that.  There has to be a reasonable time limit for these things. 

Me (so pissed off I can barely talk):  I am in the middle of a lesson.  My class is getting fidgety.  I will stop in to your office to finish our discussion later, when my students are not with me (and after I call my union to see what they have to say about this).

Mr. H:  Ok.  Come see me at lunch.  (Are you SERIOUS?  Was the conversation about my lunchtime availability only in my head or something?)

Me:  I will stop in when I can.  Click. 

I have a feeling this is going to get ugly.  I don’t even know what else to say about this.  Oh, wait.  I do.  I am being “written up” for not answering my phone during my teaching.  Nice. 



Totally random WTH?? sighting

On my way to pick up Olivia and Owen from school last Friday, I was waiting at an intersection as I watched a guy approach.  He was walking his cat on a leash.  Ok, not too common…a little odd…whatever.  As he stops to wait for the walk signal, he bends down and scoops up the cat.  Next thing I know, he pulls the cigarette from his mouth, sets it between the cat’s lips, and stands there staring at the light to change with a completely nonchalant look on his face.  Ok, really not so common…very odd…WTH???


When I picked up the kids last Friday, the freeway was a parking lot.  Instead of sit, I opted to take the “shortcut”.  It’s not really shorter, but it does provide a distraction since it takes us through the city streets and past the Humane Society.  We, at the back of a line of four or five cars, were waiting at a two-way stop to turn left.  I noticed a man standing nearby with a sign that read “homeless.  hungry.  thanks for considering.  drive safely.  God bless you.”  When we made eye contact, I mouthed that I was sorry, but had nothing to give.  He nodded and said, “I understand.  God bless.”  By this time, Olivia had read his sign aloud to her brother.  After a pause of about 10 seconds, they both asked me to turn around.  As I did, they tossed me the 100 calorie packs they were eating as an after school snack along with instructions to give them to the man.  When I was next to him, I rolled down the window and called him over.  I explained that my children wanted him to have their snacks, and would he be interested despite the fact that they were partly gone.  He responded, “I can’t take food away from a child.”  He reluctantly took them when I explained that they made the choice themselves.  As he spoke a gentle thank you, I watched a single tear slide off of his jawbone.  One simple act of generosity.  Four lives impacted.


I took Olivia out to eat at Red Lobster tonight.  Just the two of us since no one else in our family really cares for seafood.  She doesn’t like the shrimp option on the kids menu (popcorn shrimp), so I had her piggyback off of my endless shrimp entree.  She ordered shrimp scampi, gobbled it up, ordered wood-fired garlic shrimp, gobbled it up, liked it so much she ordered it again, and gobbled it up.  I could not believe how much shrimp that girl ate!  When all was said and done, we figured she ate about twenty-five shrimp.  Upon questioning, her only regret was that she didn’t save room for a yummy cheddar biscuit!

Dentures…or not

Amelia finally got a tooth…well, two teeth…just shy of ELEVEN months old.  The running joke around here has been that we are going to need to find toddler dentures when we send her off to school.  I guess we will have to see how long it takes for any more to come in before the final verdict is out.

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