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15 @ 15 (months)

It’s been a wild(er) ride around here as of late with the dog’s death and my political rallying (more on that in a soon-to-be-formed post), but I want to get Amelia’s latest and greatest down before it loses some of its freshness.  So, at 15 months, these are the things (in no particular order) I want to remember:

  • 21#6oz.  (25th percentile)
  • 29 3/4″ (35th percentile)
  • the doctor’s visit was a DISASTER of epic proportion…the minute we went into the room she knew something was up.  She screamed and cried and threw herself on the floor and bit the nurse (albeit possibly accidentally) and looked at me with pitiful puppy dog eyes that implored me to stop the torture 😦
  • when pointing at the door and saying “go” to me didn’t work, she looked at the doctor, pointed to the door again, and said  “doc.out. you.”  The doctor didn’t leave, but she was impressed with her verbal skills.  😛
  • Amelia loves all things animal…if it’s furry, it’s her friend.  Wonder what she’d think of the fuzzy gladware contents I found at the back of the refrigerator the other night?
  • The girl loves, loves, loves to make Olivia and Owen giggle.  She will perform the most ridiculous antics to get them to laugh at her.  Seeing as they do the same, it gets wild around the dinner table quite often!
  • Speaking of dinner, the girl subsists on air many days.  She is just not a big eater.  Her childcare provider reports that she eats a hearty lunch each day, but dinner at home with us just isn’t her thing.  Perhaps it has something to do with the hoopla-making that goes on around the dinner table?!?!
  • Nursing IS her thing, though.  We’re working on night weaning.  I know, I know…long overdue.  Even if we take that session out of the mix, she’s still nursing 3 times a day on my workdays and 5 or more on weekends/days off.  If anything, it seems like she has an increased need lately.  Something big developmentally must be on the horizon.
  • Walking, maybe?  Cautious baby + older sibling who jump to get her anything she points at = a 15 month old non-walker.  I’m trying to remember to be at peace with letting it happen at its own pace. 
  • Temper tantrums have begun.  Fun!
  • This girl’s vocabulary?  Well, I lost count a while ago of how many words she has.  I’d conservatively guess around 50.  And she asks “what’s the sign” to something at least once a day.
  • She doesn’t bother her shoes or socks anywhere but in the car.  She often has those things whipped off before I can finish clicking her in!
  • When she finishes nursing at nap time, she crawls over to the cedar chest where her books are all laid out and thoughtfully examines the covers before choosing which one to read. 
  • Current favorites include  Shades of Black, by Sandra Pinkney and Everywhere Babies by Susan Myers.
  • She’s amazing and wonderful and growing up WAY too fast!

If you’re still reading, kudos.  That was a lot longer than I planned!


Goodbye, Sweet Girl


We had to say goodbye to our sweet girl, Scout, on Monday morning.  Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like having to take your children to the emergency vet (where the dog spent Sunday night) first thing in the morning to have them hug, snuggle, and say goodbye to their buddy.  Oh, my goodness.  Heartwrenching. 

Scout came to us from a rescue association just nine short months ago.  She was already about five, but we were looking forward to a long life with her.  She just fit in perfectly from the very moment we met her.  She was awesome with the kids–the perfect combination of playmate and protector.  Whenever we were on a walk, she would always move up to walk next to Amelia in the stroller when we passed a stranger.  She was so tolerant of Amelia’s curiosity about her, too.  And the big kids high volume–I swear we have the loudest kids on the planet.

Since we’d gotten  her, she had gone through a few bouts where she wouldn’t want to eat.  Being a garbage digger despite our best efforts to keep the garbage can away from her, we always assumed she’d gotten into something that upset her stomach.  We’d give her some rice mixed with her food for a few days and all would be well again. 

We were doing just that last week and were planning on taking her to the vet on Monday to discuss the issue with them because she’d gotten sick a couple of times.  I took her for a walk on Saturday evening and she seemed her usual self.  When we woke up  Sunday morning, though, she barely moved.  We quickly realized she needed to be seen ASAP. 

Dawn took her to the emergency vet and they started her on fluids for dehydration and ran some tests.  Throughout the day, Dawn was in telephone contact with the vet to discuss her progress.  We assumed she ate something that  lodged in her stomach or intestines and were preparing to hear that she needed surgery.  Instead, the test results showed that she was in renal failure.  Some additional testing to find a reason revealed that she had Lyme Disease.  As it becomes more advanced, it causes renal failure.  Short of dialysis for the rest of her life, there was nothing we could do.  

By the time this was all figured out, it was about 11 pm Sunday night.  The vet confirmed that they would be able to keep her comfortable overnight, so that we could let the kids say goodbye in the morning. 

And that’s how this Valentine’s Day turned into one seriously lousy day. 

Scout, we love you and miss you dearly.  RIP.

She finally fits in!

Dawn is a football fan—a Cleveland Browns football fan.  If you know anything about the NFL,  you are probably snickering right now.  It’s ok…we all do it. :p      She can’t help it, really.  She was born and raised outside Cleveland, so it’s in her blood.  We love her anyway. 🙂 

The thing is, we live in Green and Gold Country.   In the land of 955 year season ticket waits.  Yes, seriously.  People pass their spots in the season ticket wait list down in their wills.  It’s insane.  Dawn takes a LOT of grief for her team allegiance around here.

But…any good Browns fan despises the Steelers.  So…Dawn cheered for a Packers win for the Super Bowl on Sunday night.  And so…she finally fits in around these parts…even if it was only because she wanted the Steelers to lose. 🙂

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