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in that little notebook (see the post below first), I got a glimpse back at Miss Olivia’s 3-year old mind. 

After all those pages and pages (and pages) of feeding records, there was a comment we wrote down from a conversation with Olivia.  She must have been a little confused by all the nursing:

“What will Owen eat when your nipples are all gone?” 

In her newfound maturity (HA!), she rolled her eyes and said, “I can’t believe I ever said something like that” when I read it to her.  I, on the other hand, have a stomach ache from laughing so hard every time I think about it!


Spring Cleaning

We’ve been spring cleaning sorting through stuff that should have been dealt with a LOOONNNGGG time ago and came across the little notebook that we took to the hospital when Owen was born.  Almost five years ago.  I told you it was stuff that should have been sorted a long time ago. 🙂 

The first page had his birth time, length and weight.  Dawn wrote that down right in the hospital room while she stood next to the scale as they cleaned him up. 

I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive, so there were literally weeks of notes jotted down about when he nursed, how long, wet/dirty diapers records, weigh-ins, etc.  It was so strange to see all that and think about him being so teeny-tiny when he’s such a big guy now.  Not even the tiniest trace of baby left. 

He’s wearing shorts for the first time this season today and I was thinking how long and lank he looks.  His legs have the musculature of a kid.  Not a single ounce of chub left anywhere. 

My boy’s growing up…[cue the tear sliding down my cheek].

number sense and negotiations

Amelia and I had a little conversation of sorts the other evening.  She was nursing before bed and was basically done, as shown by the fact that she was mostly playing in between a few sips of nursing.  The conversation went like this:

Me:  Do you want to keep nursing or get into your bed?

Amelia:  (giggles and signs “nurse”)

Me:  Ok, Amelia-pie, one more minute of nursing and then it’s bedtime.

Amelia: (shakes head vehemently)

Me:  Did I misunderstand you?  Do you want to get into bed now?

Amelia:  (shakes head again) NO! TWO!

Me:  Oh, you want to nurse for two more minutes? 

Amelia:  (grins) Two.  (snuggles into the crook of my arm)

I think the other two have given her lessons on negotiating tactics.  You know, the look sweet and innocent, put a big smile on your face kind of tactics…that work most of the time.  I am a sucker for it and now all three of them know it!

How I’ve been spending my time lately

I cannot believe it has been this long since my last post.  I try to take a no excuses approach to life, so I’ll just jump in and try to fill in some of the blanks and then move on. 

Most of my free time time that I should be using to clean, sleep, and keep on top of my life lately has been spent on political action/civil disobedience instead.  See, I live in that state–the one that has been all over the news because of our moronic governor (we call him Governor Weasel at our house!) and his ill-conceived plans to get rid of collective bargaining for public employees.  It also happens that, as a teacher, I AM one of those public employees. 

When this disaster began in February, some colleagues and I (oh, 40 thousand or so!) headed to the State Capitol to let our Governor know exactly how we felt.  It was an incredible experience to stand in solidarity with so many people.  We marched and chanted.  We went inside the capitol (this was before the Governor started denying public access to the building) and chanted and sang some more. 

Since coming back from that experience, I’ve been taking part in local actions almost weekly.  It has been a completely exhausting experience, but very fulfilling.  The whole experience is hard to put into words, so I will add a few of my pictures for now:

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