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A New Low

I’ve been called many a name in my life.  My sister started it when she was about three and started calling me “emu” to try to upset me.  🙂  Most recently (and many times), I’ve been called a “Union Thug”  by supporters of our state governor, who weaseled an anti-collective bargaining law onto the books.  I’m not fazed by it at all.  If the best argument you can make in defense of your beliefs is to call names…well, that speaks volumes now, doesn’t it?  I witnessed a new low the other night, though.

On Tuesday evening, the kids and I met up with some of my former co-workers and attended a recall-the-governor rally.  We were there to kick off the efforts and to sign a recall petition.  We listened to some speakers get us fired up and then we marched a few blocks to the governor’s neighborhood.  His neighbors in support of the recall  had set up stations in their yards for the 3000 or so marchers to stop and sign petitions.

There were supporters of the governor in front of his home as we silently walked past.  We made our way down the block, the adults joyfully signed a petition, and we began to backtrack our route to get to the car.  As we passed the governor’s house the second time, one of his supporters pointed at the kids and said, “Don’t you know Governor Walker is making this a better state for you kids?”

I wanted to say something, but we silently kept moving.  The organizers had requested that we not speak once we crossed the street into the residential area and I wanted to be respectful of that.   And how do you think the man responded?  What does he do?  He circled in front of us and he spat at our feet.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He spat at us.


Blog On…

Well, I figure I’d better make this my new motto before any more time slips away between posts.  🙂

It’s going around here.  Some days it’s going better than others, but it is improving.  The good news is that we’ve got a plan and we’re committed to slogging through this stuff together.

I’ve thought through a lot of posts in my head over the past month, but they never seem to make it to the publish stage…or even the draft stage, for the most part.  So that’s got to change.  I’m in no way delusional enough to think I can/will be able to post daily in November for NaBloPoMo, but I will take it as a personal challenge to get back on the blogging track.

I think I’ll start the easy way.  Picture post of the last month’s highlights coming up….

The Edge

Things have been rough around here lately.  Really, really rough.

Olivia’s sensory processing has been completely out of whack.  It’s contributed to rages and violent behaviors.  Both Sunday night and last evening, she had to be physically restrained to be kept safe.   We’ve had to do this before and I’m sure we will again, but I just HATE it.  I HATE feeling so completely helpless that all I (we) can do is restrain her until she is calm enough to be safe.  It stabs at all my vulnerabilities and makes me feel like the most god-awful parent on the planet.  It makes me afraid:  What if there’s more to this than just the sensory stuff?  Is this something genetic?  Environmental?  How can such a small child hold such anger?  From where does it stem?  What did we do/not do to get here?  How can we find the answers we need?  How can we help?  What if we can’t?

And Owen.  He is a typical five-year-old.  Full of big emotions.  Not a lot of skill in giving them words.  Plus, we’ve also been seeing some of Olivia’s behaviors in him.  Is it our parenting since it’s both kids behaving this way?  Is he mimicking Olivia because he sees that it gets attention (we give it as little verbal attention as we can in the throes of a rage, but it still requires physical attention)?

And Dawn and I.   Things are not the greatest between us at the moment.  Well, actually, it’s been slowly improving but it’s still got a long way to go.  The absolute insanity and stress that sums up the last school year took a toll that we are still trying to stop reeling from.   We’ve both gotten into patterns that aren’t healthy for our relationship or ourselves.  Communication signals just seem to miss.  Pulling inside ourselves instead of reaching out to each other.  The kid’s behaviors don’t help…and our own  don’t either.  It’s a bit of the chicken and the egg question.  And it’s a vicious cycle that keeps feeding off of itself…

I feel like I’m standing on a cliff ledge…the trail back up looks steep.  The trail down looks worse.  And I’m just here clinging to the edge and hoping it doesn’t crumble before I can get my footing.

Wordless Wednesday {Back Away From My Cream Puff, Buster}

And They’re Off

Today was the first day of school around here! My pictures aren’t the best.  It’s hard to get good photos when you’re trying to keep Amelia from leaving the porch and Olivia and Owen just want to “hurry up so we can get in the car and go already!”

 Olivia decided last night that she wanted her hair curly for the first day of 3rd grade (seriously, how can she be the same age as kids I’ve taught for the last decade????)  It’s really hard to get locs curly because they are so heavy, but I’d recently ordered some curlers that held promise.  I think it turned out alright.  There are some areas in the back that didn’t curl as well as I would’ve liked, but I think it’s mostly because they didn’t get dry overnight.  She loves it–and that’s what matters!

Also, this little tie cracks me up.  She is in no way required to wear it to school.  Their school has a dress code, but not official uniforms.  They have to wear tan, black, or navy bottoms and white or blue shirts.  We were out the other day to grab some polos for school and she came across this little gem.  She begged and begged to have it.  She even offered to do extra chores to “pay” for it!  Sold to the young lady who wants to mop my kitchen floor!!!  It’s even funnier to me because, if you could see the bottom half of this outfit, you’d notice that it’s completely incongruous to the top.  She has on very casual khaki shorts and lime green Keen sandals!  Again, she loves it–and that’s what matters!

  And how can it be that this little guy is starting his third year of school already?  They attend a Montessori school, so he’s been there–the same classroom/same teacher–for two years already.  But K5?  It seems so big.  It’s his last year of Children’s House.  After their Open House last night, he talked non-stop about how he would be in charge of helping the “little kids” with their work this year.  I think the funniest thing he said was, “I’m practically Ms. Kim’s assistant now.”

And this morning when I dropped them off–oh, it’s so nice to not be having my own first day–the best I could get from him was a half-hug and something to the effect of, “Gotta go, Mom.  There’s work in there that’s been waiting all summer for me!”  Too cute.

  And this picture?  Look at that grin on Amelia’s face.  I’d like to tell you it’s because she’s thinking, “Ha.  You suckers head off to school.  Now I’ve got Mommy all to myself!”

Really, though?  This is just the goofy grin that I constantly get when I pull out the camera lately.   I must have 200 of them from vacation alone!  😛

Actually, when Olivia gave her a kiss goodbye and ran off at school this morning, Amelia shouted after her, “O-La-La!  Where you goin’?”  I told her Olivia had school today.  Her reply, “I go.  O-La-La!  Wait!”  The poor thing cried half way home.


Today Dawn and I celebrate nine years together.  It’s funny how that can simultaneously feel like it’s a drop in the hat in regards to time and like it’s been a lifetime (in a good, can’t really remember day-to-day life without you, kind of way).

I know she puts up with a lot from her bossy, opinionated partner ;).  I try to cut her a little slack once in a while, so tonight she gets to pick dinner and our movie.  I just hope she picks something worthwhile :).

In all seriousness, I love this woman and cannot imagine my life without her.  So, here’s to us and to the many wonderful years in our future.  ♥

Wordless Wednesday {Jam Session}

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